October 16, 2006

When Are You Done?

Given unlimited time and talent, how does an artist determine when something is completed?

When the last blank spot on the paper/canvas is filled? What if the piece is meant to have blank spots?

How many blank spots do you leave?

If you’re writing a song how do you determine whan you are finished? The last note written down? The last guitar lick added to the tape? The last drumbeat? Can’t you take a beat out and add another almost endlessly?

Or is it the feeling that you get – when you are sick and tired of the piece and you can’t wait until you can say you are finished.. you’re getting real close to the end. Then you need to find the one or two things you need to add to make it a masterpiece… and find the correct location for those one or two things.

Or is this whole thing an unreasonable question – because you can never have unlimited time… and everyone’s talent is limited?

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