August 24, 2011

Setting Things Straight with an Apology

To: The two women and three dogs that I had a “near miss” with yesterday

Dear Ladies and Dogs,

I’m sorry about our almost incident yesterday. I know it would have been my fault if anyone or any dog got hurt. It is quite amazing that I went between you all and nobody was hit or hurt.

My only excuse is that in 21 years of being at that intersection there has never been a single pedestrian to the right of me while I stopped there. I waited for the cars coming from the left to clear, and assumed that no one would be over there – like every other day in 21 years.

I promise to now look both ways before going through the intersection.

But please, for your safety, please make sure a driver is looking at you and gives you the right of way before walking in front of a car.

Glad that everyone is OK,

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