June 1, 2009

Dell Printers Stink

I know that Xerox makes the Dell 5110cn printer.

I found the Xerox Phaser 6360dn that looks nearly identical to the Dell 5110cn.
I bought a Xerox Phaser 6360dn fuser that I thought would work in the Dell 5110cn.

Received the replacement fuser. It looks identical to the Dell fuser.
Put the fuser in the printer. It fits!

Turn the printer on. Get a messsage “CRUM ID 093-964” “Reseat Fuser”

Found out that there is a CRUMmy chip in the fuser that the Dell printer looks for to make sure that the part you bought is from Dell. The printer will not work with the Xerox Fuser – only with the Dell fuser that has a CRUM chip in it.

Now what? Should I do surgery to see if I can put the CRUM chip in?

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